The admissions office is responsible for handling applications to become a student at Fourah Bay College.

For Prospective Students

Please mail or come in person to complete your application to join Fourah Bay College. Applications are available for printing on this website. If you have any questions, please use the contact form or call us at 2 322 222-4260.

Overall Admission of a new student

This paragraph is to explain how this website and people will be involved in bringing a new student to Fourah Bay College.

  1. A person, either foreign or Sierra Leonian, will apply to Fourah Bay College's admissions office. Evaluating if a person has the entry requirements to be in Fourah Bay College won't change much.
  2. If the person is accepted as a student, someone from the Admissions office will sign into the website and create an account for the student.

No student accounts can be made in the website by simply registering or paying online and registering because that would violate some of the college's entry requirements.

Student accounts can be used by students to enroll in courses, check the remaining requirements needed to complete their programmes, apply to graduate, request a transcript mailed...