The Library offers direct access to about 150,000 volumes; 54,000 bound volumes of journals. The current economic constraints in Sierra Leone as a result of the 9 year rebel war has greatly affected collection, development and journal subscription.

However, the Library, through the generosity of donor organisations such as BOOK AID International and African Book Collective and individuals, has kept its head above waters and has enough materials for teaching, learning and research.

There are two heavily used collections: The textbook collection with 4,400 volumes provides academic materials most relevant to the main subjects taught

The Sierra Leone collection which houses about 20,000 materials pertaining to Sierra Leone and is widely used by researchers. It also houses about 15,000 U.N. Publications.

Academic departments also have small libraries. Compilation of the union catalogue (National University Libraries) is in progress and inter-library co-operation exists.

Plans are being worked out to computerise the catalogue and loan system and to install internet facilities.

Despite the many constraints, the library staff are always willing and available to ensure that users get the most out of the available resources.

The library is open throughout the year and offers day and evening services.