Faculty of Arts

Dean: Rev.Dr. L. E.T. Shyllon

Departments of Faculty of Arts

Department Head
Department of English: 01-60 Mr. K. Osho
Department of History: 01-10 Prof. J. G. Wyse
Department of Linguistics: 01-30 Mr. V. Fashole-Luke
Department of Modern Languages: 01-50 Mr. S. Fofana
Department of Performing Arts: 01-70
Department of Philosophy/Classics: 01-40 Dr. Fr. Labor
Department of Theology: 01-20 Rev.Dr. L. E.T. Shyllon
Institute of Adult Education and Extra-Mural Studies: 01-90
Institute of Gender Research and Documentation(INGRADOC): 01-95
Institute of Library, Information and Communications(INSLICS): 01-80 Mr. A.N.T. Deen

Programmes in Faculty of Arts

  • Bachelor of Arts General
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours
  • Master of Arts(MA)